10 Best Interior Car Lights of 2020 – Drive into Colorful Life

Express Your Style Using Lights for Your Car

Your car is a way to express your personal style. If you see yourself as a minivan kind of person, you will choose one that is a color you can enjoy. If you have a sports car, it often means you enjoy speed and making a statement.

To make it easier for you to customize your vehicle, we searched for and found the 10 best interior car lights of 2020. With them, you can choose different light modes or simply turn on your car radio and let the lights beat with them. Either way, they will make a statement that we feel most people will enjoy.

Best Interior Car Lights Lay Out – Photo from Amazon

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Our Top Picks

1. Govee Interior Car Lights with APP Controller

Govee Interior Car Lights with APP Controller

Govee makes it easy for you to customize your car interior’s light show with these two-line RGB light bars. They are suitable for any vehicle you want to put them in and promise to be easy to install with 3M adhesive. These two lines connect with four strip lights and you do not need to assemble them. Wiring is also easy since you simply connect it through the cigarette lighter.

You can control these lights with ease. They have a controller that lets you adjust the color and brightness, or you can put it into music mode where it can pick up sound through a mic. If you prefer to ditch the controller, these same features can be enabled through an app on your phone.

Conclusion: These light strips for cars promise to be safe to use, waterproof, low heat, and more. They allow you to customize the light show going on in your vehicle by providing you with more than 16 million color options. We think they are a great way to customize a vehicle and think most people will agree.

• Easy to Use
• Bright
• Simple Installation

• Unreliable 3M Tape

2. Shynerk Interior Car Lights

Shynerk Interior Car Lights

These interior lights for vehicles have 2-in-1 lines to give you the flexibility you need when installing lights. There are two powerlines and can be attached using 3M adhesive. You can control the RGB LED light show in one of three ways: remote, Android/iPhones, or a simple controller that is attached to the lights. Either way, you will have a variety of fun colors to choose from and various modes as well.

This kit has a microphone with high sensitivity built-in. It can change colors based on the beat of the music you enjoy. It is also safe to use since they are waterproof and require only the 12V car charger. The initial set-up can be done in two simple steps.

Conclusion: These lights allow you to control the color, 8 standard colors are present opening up millions of color opportunities. They can be used to beat with your music. You can also schedule a time that you want them to turn on and off. Either way, they promise to turn the inside of your vehicle into a party pad if you choose to let them.

• Brightness
• Easy Installation
• Remote and App Control

• Poor Adhesion

3. CT CAPETRONIX Interior Car Lights

CT CAPETRONIX Interior Car Lights

With multiple base colors and RGB LED lights, there are numerous ways you can customize the look of your interior lights. You can do it all through an app, a remote, or a controller. In every case, you will have access to more than 16-million color options that respond to voices or music.

These lights have two lines that connect four strips. They have 5.9-feet of cable so that you can put some under your dash or in the back. You can also hide the wires. They promise to be low heat, low power, and 100% safe to use without risk to your vehicle’s electrical system. The 3M tape holds it all in place.

Conclusion: When you want lights and fun in your vehicle, you need lights that can keep up. CT CAPETRONIX seems to have it covered. They also have a two-year, limited warranty to ensure you are very happy with the purchase. We hope it sounds as good to you as it does to us.

• Brightness
• No Warmth
• Easy to Install

• Tape Stickiness

4. Kemaier Car Strip Lights

Kemaier Car Strip Lights

When you want interior lights that match your personality, these are a good option. They have eight total colors with RGB LEDs. You can adjust the color and brightness to match what you enjoy the most. From there, you can also set it to follow the beats and rhythms of your favorite music. This is due to their impeccable sound sensitivity, even at lower volumes.

These lights are easy to install using double sided sticky tape. You can also use them with ease thanks to an iPhone or Android app. To give them power, you simply plug them into the 12V cigarette lighter. They also promise to be environmentally friendly, waterproof, and always touchable.

Conclusion: Lighting your vehicle has never been easier. The bar has four sections with a total of 48 lights. We feel that even without a remote, you will find many reasons to enjoy them. It is our hope, at least. Do you think it will work for your needs?

• Easy Installation
• Good Brightness
• No Heat

• Could Be Brighter

5. Govee Interior Car Lights with Remote and Control Box

Govee Interior Car Lights with Remote and Control Box

Unlike many LED lights with four lines to run, this one has 2-lines that measure 5.9-feet of wire that connects 4 light strips. It makes it easy for you to decorate your vehicle in 32-color boldness. There are 10 modes available to help you set the right mood.

These lights are music activated thanks to a high-quality microphone. They automatically adjust speed and pattern with the beats. They do it without hassle, especially when using the remote to set them. There is also rubber tubing to ensure they are waterproof and shielded from other issues.

Conclusion: For a high-quality light-bar, we do feel that these are a solid option for most people and the vehicles they love. We like the variety of color options and that it speeds or slows based on the music and noise around it.

• Bright Colors
• Easy to Install
• Easy to Use

• Doesn’t Save Mode

6. CHUSSTANG Interior Car Lights

CHUSSTANG Interior Car Lights

The CHUSSTANG interior lights include 48 LED lights in a four-piece strip set that is perfect for vehicles. It can connect through a Bluetooth app and a control box to make sure that you can always control your light show. They also function when you play music, thanks to an impressive multi-color music mode with RGB LED lights.

These strips have wires that measure 3.82-feet on one side and 5.9ft on another. It depends on the section you are looking at. You power it with a simple cigarette lighter plug. It is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and many colors to choose from.

Conclusion: These lights are very pretty and work well in most vehicles. This is because they have a wire length that can reach where you want it to reach. You can put part of it under your front dash and the rest in the back. You can use all lights under the dash. You get to decide which works best for you.

• Bright Color
• Installs Easily
• Simple to Control

• Doesn’t Stick Well

7. MINGER Unifilar Car LED Strip Light

MINGER Unifilar Car LED Strip Light

With MINGER, you get access to a light show that will not be forgotten by the people who ride along with you in your vehicle. It beats with the music on your radio and can be controlled using your phone as the remote or an included controller.

The light strip is easy to install and the wires are easy to hide. It has multiple colors and options with its RGB LED lights. You can also expect them to be safe to operate. They are IP65 waterproof, low heat, and safe to touch. It is also powered by a cigarette lighter.

Conclusion: We feel that these lights will meet the expectations of most people. They have good light control, an app that can help you use them, and no remotes to keep up with. No matter which colors you like or which ones will match your vehicle, there is a color option available to you. It can also beat to the music you enjoy. This makes it a great option according to many.

• Easy to Install
• Simple to Use/Control
• Good Brightness Levels

• Wire Isn’t Long Enough

8. SUNNEST Car LED Strip Lights

SUNNEST Car LED Strip Lights

This set of light strips comes with a USB cable for your vehicle’s TV. It can work in your vehicle or as bias lighting around your television. You can also set it in your home to use as a party decoration. In all cases, it has 8 colors that can be transformed to match the mood you want to create.

These lights come with remote control. They pair with your voice and your music. You can expect them to be very flexible and easy to install. They are water resistant, ultra-thin, and offer a variety of other benefits. To set it up, you use the double-sided adhesive straps. Charging is never an issue and they are backed by a helpful support team.

Conclusion: When it comes to versatility, these lights win, hands-down. They can be good inside your vehicle or in your home. They can be a great addition to your covered patio or deck. You never have to worry about dead batteries, and you can control everything about it with the included remote. What more could you hope for?

• Versatility
• Easy to Use
• Simple Installation

• Humming Sound Possible

9. PryEU Green (515-525nm) LED Strip Lights

PryEU Green LED Strip Lights

Not everyone wants color changing effects. For you, these green lights may be what you are searching for. There are other color options available. They promise to be multi-purpose lights that are super bright. They can be powered by a 12V cigarette lighter. You install them easily with tape.

These lights are covered with a three-year warranty to ensure you get what you want from them. If you have issues, a support team will be there to help you fix it. They are also UL Listed safe to use.

Conclusion: Not everyone needs flash to make a statement that is purely their own. This is where these lights are most impressive. We like that they are easy to install and easy to use. We think they could make a great choice for the right person.

• Easy to Use
• Simple Installation
• Stays Cool

• Not Bright Enough

10. WSIIROON Car LED Strip Lights

WSIIROON Car LED Strip Lights

These app-controlled lights can connect through Bluetooth to make them simple to control and use. They have many different color options and may blink, flash, be brighter, or darker. They can also be controlled by the music you are listening to. It promises to be easy to use and install.

Your satisfaction matters. Therefore, they are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is designed to give you peace of mind before you begin installing them.

Conclusion: When you want an easy way to decorate your car, these lights could be ideal. They are as bold or as casual as you want them to be. This gives you the ability to create a party atmosphere for your vehicle if you want to. It will also allow you to just keep track of what may be on your floorboard. We like them and hope you do as well.

Final Thoughts

When you look at the 10 best RGB interior car lights of 2020, you will notice that most have one major flaw. They do not always stick where you want them. However, you can possibly counter this by taking time to clean the area you want to attach them to. You may also use command hooks or other things to give extra support to the light strings. Either way, we hope that you will find the one that meets your needs.