10 Best Solar Fountains in 2020 – Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Eco-Friendly Water Fountain Options Are Here!

Who doesn’t like the sound or sight of a water fountain shooting water up into the air? It sounds awesome and can look beautiful. It also can attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife so that they are curious about the bird baths and fishponds that we have.

With a fountain, you can also expect the ponds you have to stay aerated. This means it doesn’t become stagnant and odor filled. It doesn’t develop algae as fast, and it doesn’t become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

OKMEE Best Solar Fountains
OKMEE Best Solar Fountains – Photo from Amazon

However, not everyone wants to deal with wiring a fountain in a bird bath. That is where solar fountains come in. They eliminate the wires and other headaches. On our list of the 10 best solar fountains of 2020, you will see a variety of fountains. Each one is good in its own way and we do hope that you find one that will work for you.

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Our Top Choices for the Best Solar Fountains in 2020

1. OKMEE Solar Fountain Upgraded 4-in-1 Nozzle

OKMEE Solar Fountain

This solar water fountain’s 4-in-1 nozzle is ideal for bird baths. You can rotate the nozzle to change to different water spray styles from barely bubbling up to spraying. It has a pump with water-shortage protection, so you don’t have to worry that it will burn up because of lowered water. It also has a filtration box that blocks out dirt, dust, leaves and other stuff, reducing possible damages.

This fountain works because of a 100% full solar panel that allows it to reach 2.2W of power. Your water spray will be stable and lasting within three minutes of exposure to the sun’s rays. With a diameter of 6.3-inches and a depth of at least 1.2-inches, it works anywhere you want to put it.

Conclusion: Although the water spray is relatively simplistic, we do feel that this is a great option for anyone who wants a feature in the middle of their fishpond, bird bath, garden, and more. We like that you can leave it to free float around or you can fix it to the rock bed beneath the water or on the side of a tank.

• Easy Installation
• Simple Assembly
• Can Float or Be Fixed

• Needs Full Sun

2. Oriflame Upgrade Solar Fountain

Oriflame Upgrade Solar Fountain

If you place the Oriflame into direct sun, it can work as a fountain within three seconds. No battery or electricity required. It has a built-in water shortage protection feature so that it will take measurements of the water under it. If detection is noticed, it will automatically switch to protect itself within 20-seconds.

It is an environmentally friendly fountain. You can use it in bird baths, fish tanks, gardens, and more. You can even use it to simply keep water circulating. It promises to be easy to use, though you should know that the brighter the sun’s exposure, the more effective it will work.

Conclusion: We like that this solar fountain will turn off if it isn’t getting enough water. This will ensure that it is able to last a longer time than many fountains. It has different spray patterns that range from stream or to several jets of water shooting upward. You change out the head to change the pattern. It promises to be easy to clean and seems like a good choice if you want a fountain that works based on sunshine.

• Assembly
• Installation
• Suction Power

• Not a Big Spray Pattern

3. Solatec Solar Fountain, Black

Solatec Solar Fountain

This fountain floats easily on any body of water. All you need is a fish tank, a bird bath, or a garden pool. The sun will do the rest. You can also set it using different nozzle heads to spray in the pattern that you want. It works most effectively when in direct sunlight because the fountain has no way of storing the sun’s energy.

The Solatec fountain does need to be cleaned. If you have trees or debris that gets into your water, it can cover up a section of the solar panel. This will not cause damage, but it can block enough light to make it not function properly.

Conclusion: Although some maintenance is required, we do not feel that it will be difficult to use. It is safe for pets, kids, and wildlife because it does not require batteries or wires. You simply take it out of the box and let the sun’s light do the work. Overall, we think it is worth considering for most fountain lovers.

• Easy Installation
• Simple Assembly
• Easy to Clean

• Large Size

4. MOAMI Solar Powered Fountain Pump for Bird Bath

MOAMI Solar Powered Fountain for Bird Bath

The Moami fountain has been upgraded. It now has six nozzles for various sprays and a 1200mAh battery backup system. This means that it may not always need to be in direct sunlight to work properly. It also has a built-in filter to prevent dust, sand, and leaves from getting into it. This means that it does have a sponge filter.

Three suction cups can also hold it where you want it to stay. It is ideal for pools, bird baths, and more. This unit promises to be easy to use and fast. It is also backed by a 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Conclusion: We like that this fountain has six sprayers. You can have it spray a fine mist or something larger and more impressive. We are also happy to see that it has a 1-year guarantee. This should make it easier for you to consider. The battery backup is nice, because it does mean it will work for a while once the sun goes behind a tree. A feature that has so far been missing. Overall, it is worth looking at, for sure.

• Simple Assembly
• Backup Battery
• Warranty

• Short Lifespan for Some

5. AISITIN 3.5W Solar Fountain Pump

AISITIN 3.5W Solar Fountain

This floating fountain features 3.5W high-quality solar panels that will allow it to function even during times when the sun may not be shining brightly. This means you won’t need full sun at all times, and it is further promised with a built-in battery that can automatically store solar energy for later use.

As to function, this fountain has six different nozzles that provide different jet heights and spray patterns. This allows you to change the heads to ensure that you aren’t losing water if you need to, which can be helpful for bird baths, small ponds, and other situations where the “pond” is shallow.

Conclusion: We love that direct sun is less important with this fountain by Aisitin. It will make placement much easier for some people. It can be adjusted to save water, but there is also a feature that allows it to shut off automatically if the water gets too low. This will be helpful if it gets clogged by dust or if too much water is lost on a windy day.

• Easy Installation
• Simple to Assemble
• Doesn’t Need Full Sun

• Needs Larger Water Basin

6. Solar Fountain Pump by Geohee

Solar Fountain Pump by Geohee

When you want a solar powered fountain that ensures you do not have to turn it on and off, this is a decent option for some. It promises to be high-quality and durable by using an efficient solar panel and brushless pump. It also claims to be easy to assemble and clean. This is good news considering it is designed to aerate the pool to ensure that fish are healthy, and the water isn’t stagnant.

It is also designed to be a good size for virtually all bird baths and fish tanks. All you have to do is place it into the water and when direct sunlight falls on it, it will turn on.

Conclusion: This fountain comes with four spray heads to help you customize the look of your water feature. It has a good flow rate, provided you keep enough water around it. You should make sure to keep leaves and debris away from it as much as possible to ensure that it works the way you want it to. Overall, we feel it is a good option for most ponds and smaller water basins.

• Nice for Smaller Bird Baths
• Easy to Install
• Simple Assembly

• Doesn’t Store Energy

7. Solar Fountain Pump by Quenta

Solar Fountain Pump by Quenta

This solar fountain promises excellent performance because it only relies on the sun’s power. It is a freestanding, floating pump that starts working within seconds of sun exposure and being placed in water. The more sunlight hitting it, the more powerful the spray will be.

You can choose from one of four spray nozzles that allow you to have different spray heights and shapes. It is ideal for most smaller sized ponds. It has a filter to keep your water fountain free of debris. This will need to be cleaned to keep it running properly.

Conclusion: Overall, this seems like a good choice. It has a nice spray when in direct sunlight. The four nozzles allow you to choose the spray pattern that works best for you and that you prefer. It seems easy to maintain and works even in very little water.

• Easy to Use
• Doesn’t Require Deep Pools
• Works Well

• Needs Full Sun

8. MADETEC Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump

MADETEC Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump

With an upgraded filtration system that efficiently blocks dirt and other debris, the Madetec solar powered fountain is one to notice. It promises to run automatically within three seconds of exposure to direct sunlight.

This birdbath fountain has four different sprinkler heads so that you can choose the right one for your needs. It can be used in swimming pools or any other body of water. It can provide up to 10,000 hours of service life thanks to a built-in brushless motor.

Conclusion: This water fountain makes a lot of promises to be higher quality than most. However, it also notes that if any part of it is in the shade, it will not work at all. For many people, this could be a game changer as to whether it is a good option or not.

• Easy Assembly
• Simple Installation
• Good Water Suction

• Requires Direct Sun

9. Qualife Solar Water Fountains Outdoor

Qualife Solar Water Fountains Outdoor

The solar fountain by Qualife does not have a battery to store power, which means that direct sun is a necessity. However, it still may be one that people want because of its four spray nozzles and unique shape. It isn’t a disk like other fountains. Instead, it has a nice calendula shape that promises to be small yet high in power.

This fountain is also easy to clean. Simply keep the pump clear of debris and you can use it in any water feature that you have.

Conclusion: Overall, we like the honesty of this company. They tell you straight up that it will only work in direct sunlight. We also like its unique shape. It appears to be more flower than disk, which could be nice in some gardens. We think it is worth checking out if you want a simplistic fountain for a very sunny area of your yard.

• Easy Installation
• Good Suction
• Simple Assembly

• High Spray

10. Tranmix Solar Fountain Pump

Tranmix Solar Fountain Pump

With eight nozzles, this is a solar fountain worth considering. Beyond that, it has a flower shape and operates at 1.6W. This means it has efficient solar cells so that it can work longer. You can put this in any water basin that you have, but it still requires you to have direct sunlight.

This fountain comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty from Tranmix. Questions or concerns should be sent directly to their support team.

Conclusion: This seems like a beautiful option for a floating solar fountain. We like the variety of spray nozzles because it allows you to customize how it looks in your birdbath. The warranty is also impressive and therefore, we feel it is worth checking out for most people.

• Nice Warranty
• Easy Assembly
• Simple Installation

• Inconsistent Water Spray

Final Thoughts

One of the best features of a solar water fountain is its versatility. However, versatility is often limited by things that may be beyond our control. Direct sunlight seems to be the biggest requirement, which means that they may not always work. Cloudy days, shady lawns, and other issues can cause a problem for how well they work.

As we read through the reviews and such, we noticed that most people feel let down by the direct sun issue. With that, we feel that every fountain on our list of the 10 best solar fountains of 2020 is a good option for some people. However, before you buy, we hope that you make sure you are set up for it.