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My name is Karin Ryan, an Electrical Engineering Degree who graduated in 2002. I spent almost 20 years working for a professional contracting company as a Site Manager.

Off the top of my head, being an apprentice with someone (certified electrician) who is wiring basements to finish them off is a great way to learn what is going on in a practical manner. Wiring all the outlets and lights in parallel on different circuits, figuring how many lights or receptacles on one circuit, wiring three-way switches, switching out breakers, landing home runs (power is completely shut off for all this). And….you can get paid for something that you enjoy and you can get that great feeling of everything actually working when you flip that switch for the first time. Also great to have the skill to fall back on during tough recessions. Don’t forget the grunt work involved, drilling all the holes thru studs, floor joists or rafters. Then pulling all the wire (rough-in, need inspection) After inspection passes, then actually connecting all the wires (finish, need another inspection) is the fun part.

Most of my interests and hobbies lie outside of Electrical Engineering! Don’t get me wrong, I like doing my EE stuff in spare time too, but I personally try to balance my life around many of the other things I am interested in.

I will share the idea of how to use the string lights and other lights for outdoor & indoor as a decoration for your home or shop or any parties or at any special occasions.

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HomeofStrings is a basic place for the most comprehensive and accessible reviews that you will find on the web. When shopping online you will often discover that product descriptions for listed items are vague or incomplete, but we go the extra mile to ensure that you know everything there is to know about your prospective purchase before you make it. From the appearance of a product to its function we break down exactly how and why our choices are the most sensible that you’ll get. The difference between a good product and a great one is in the detail, so we scour the internet for information in order to bring you the best reviews that we possibly can.

Quality – We only include top-rated products in our reviews so you will never need to be afraid that your next purchase won’t live up to your expectations. Sometimes an item will seem appealing from its stock image, but the real product might not be made from high-quality materials.

Update – We are working around the clock to release content in order to keep our site at the forefront of the reviewing, and this means that you can catch the best deals on these great Lighting products as soon as they happen on the market. So we try to releases the new articles every week.

Let enjoy with our sharing and you also can share your idea with us by contact us here.

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Admin Karin.